Finance Business
“The future of the world is only possible with digitalization…”

Dünyanın daha yaşanılabilir hale gelmesi için dijitalleşmenin ve buna bağlı olarak Blockchain teknolojisinin kullanımına bağlı olduğuna inanıyoruz...

Dünyanın daha yaşanılabilir hale gelmesi için dijitalleşmenin ve buna bağlı olarak Blockchain teknolojisinin kullanımına bağlı olduğuna inanıyoruz...

In order to make the world more livable, we think it is necessary to use digitalization and blockchain technology in accordance.

Finance Business

Don’t let our World become a desert!

“Let us protect the nature, hand in hand”

We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path.

We can fight against desertification all together, for the world we live in...

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TugraCoin can be used to receive or send individual or corporate payments. It can be used as an integrated payment infrastructure for various applications such as e-commerce, mobile applications, social responsibility projects and customer loyalty.

We have developed the TugraCoin project by using the Blockchain technology which is now becoming more and more common in our day, without breaking the connection with our past, keeping up with the world of the future. See White Paper for details...

Fast & Safe

TugraCoin has a high processing speed in its transfer operations, infrastructure and software technology. Thanks to RowBlockChain technology it is extremely safe.

e-Commerce Websites

A contracted company that sells grocery products through its website or mobile application undertakes to distribute a certain amount of XTG to its customers in exchange for their shopping. The savings of XTGs are owned by the customer and can be traded through e-commerce websites contracted with TugraCoin and customers also have the opportunity to exchange XTGs on active exchanges.

Social Responsibility Projects

By giving XTG rewards for tree cultivation, contribution to the common heritage of humanity can be ensured. With the increase of rapidly developing technology, the use of unexplored capabilities and the use of blockchain technology can be expanded with education to contribute to the future of humanity.

Blockchain - Digital Civilization

It is possible to define money as a means of exchange that is generally accepted by people, a measure of common value, a tool of value exchange. On the other hand, there are also various functions of money; such as payment, value storage, economic policy tool, etc. In order for anything to be called money, it is sufficient for it to be a generally accepted exchange tool, common value measure and a value storage tool.

Our Solution Partners

Akademiz Yazılım
Sistem Patent
Sistem Patent

Road Map

TugraCoin XTG Project

For the realization of the TugraCoin project, the domain name and social media accounts will be opened, then the corporate identity work will be carried out together with the application of the trademark registration certificate and writing of White Paper, then it will be listed on the national stock exchange.

Q4 - 2018

Q1 - 2019


In order to demonstrate the applicability of the TugraCoin project, it is necessary to ensure integration with e-commerce sites in the first place and then to show its usability in social responsibility projects.

At least one national publicity meeting with TugraCoin community will be conducted and sponsorship agreement will be made.

Presentation to Official Institutions

TugraCoin, which is a national project, will be presented to official institutions and non-governmental organizations and necessary works will be carried out for public support.

Q2 - 2019

Q3 - 2019

Silk Road Countries

Necessary work will be carried out to be listed in international stock exchanges and to make use of TugraCoin as a means of a faster, safer and more efficient payment together with TugraCoin presentation studies in the countries on the Silk Road.

“Both the work and the money of the digital world must also be digital”

Emir Çetinkaya

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