Silk Road

The Historic Silk Road that Shaped the World Trade - New Great Silk Road

This trade route, which was frequently mentioned in the documents of the famous historian Herodot and the famous traveler Marco Polon, started from Beijing, passing through Uzbekistan and Anatolia and finishing in London at the centre of Europe through land and sea, has been a route trade caravans used throughout the centuries. Later, the African branch was engaged and the Great Silk Road, including Eurasia, has shaped the world trade for centuries. Although its name comes from the trade of silk and silk fabrics, the basic necessities of humanity have been exchanged between east and west. In fact, the Silk Road's mission is beyond trade; to transfer the Eastern culture and resources to the west, and to transfer Western knowledge and technology to the east.

Countries on the Historical Silk Road's route, China, Uzbekistan, Central Asia countries (the majority of which are Turkish), Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, European countries and the United Kingdom forms an excellent potential trade area especially when joined with African countries, Arab countries, India and Pakistan.


Turkey is a country which is in both Asia and Europe with strategic, political and economic importance which serves as a bridge right in the centre of the Silk Road. Located in the center of the Great Silk Road, Turkey is one of the rare countries that is the host of the hallway which transports energy and natural resources from Asia and Africa to Europe and the knowledge and technology from Europe to Asia and Africa. In the last decade, Turkey came up with 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, Bosphorus tunnel crossing which includes a railway, airport and Canal İstanbul project and is likely to have very large gains from all the trade to be made on the Silk Road.


In the depths of history, the form and method of trade has changed. Humanity has entered the digital era and has started to live according to the necessity of the it. Experts declare that "The trade of the era have to be digital as well". The trade on the Silk Road that shaped civilizations in history through the exchange of ideas, culture and commerce needs to be reinterpreted according to today's conditions.

Tugra Inc., considering the importance our country holds as the bridge standing in the center of the Great Silk Road, started with "HerEve.Market" project and with the help of contracts with other e-commerce websites, has developed a digital asset "TugraCoin" that can be used as a means of payment and exchange for the trade between countries. TugraCoin will announce the future projects and contracts as they are developed. Tuğra Inc. plans to reshape the trade with projects such as investment advisory services. With the realization of these projects, studies will be carried out in order for our country to obtain a large share and provide economic gains from the trade to be made between China's capital Beijing and Europe's heart London.

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