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On this page, you can find frequently asked questions about the TugraCoin XTG project. If you can not find the answers you are looking for, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

What is TugraCoin?

With the thought of keeping up with the world of the future and the era without breaking the connection with our past, and unlike other digital currencies constantly emerging in the market without a project and based on the current Blockchain technology, we created a new digital currency which can be used in real life and based on RowBlockChain infrastructure which is an upgrade of the current Blockchain technology. We were inspired by the word Tuğra, thus, we have given the name Tugra Coin to be more suitable for the age of computers.

For its recognition and symbol, we used XTG
symbolizes Maths (digital)
T symbolizes Turkey
G symbolizes Future (in Turkish; Gelecek)

TugraCoin will be integrated into the payment systems via contracted e-Commerce sites, and 5% of the total amount of XTG will be distributed as bonus and social responsibility projects. These XTGs to be distributed can be used for shopping purposes through the contracted web sites or sold through active exchanges and converted into other currencies.

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