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What is Tuğra?

The calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of an Ottoman Sultan used in all state documents and correspondence is called tuğra (tughra).
This symbol is also found on the money printed during the reign of the Sultan.
Each sultan has a separate tughra. In addition, the princes also have their tughras.

With the thought of keeping up with the world of the future and the era without breaking the connection with our past, and unlike other digital currencies constantly emerging in the market without a project and based on the current Blockchain technology, we created a new digital currency which can be used in real life and based on The following is the TugraCoin XTG expansion which can be used in real life and can work with Ethereum wallets which is the most recognized Ethereum (ERC20) infrastructure after Bitcoin in the world.

TugraCoin will be integrated into the payment systems via contracted e-Commerce sites, and 5% of the total amount of XTG will be distributed as bonus and social responsibility projects. These XTGs to be distributed can be used for shopping purposes through the contracted web sites or sold through active exchanges and converted into other currencies.

Amount of Production and the Distribution

Gifts and Social Responsibility 5%
Software developers 5%
Founding partners10%
Individual investors20%
Institutional investors60%

The amount of XTG to be distributed will be as shown in the table.


XTG Distribution

Gifts and Social Responsibility 12.500.000
Software developers 12.500.000
Founding partners 25.000.000
Individual investors 50.000.000
Institutional investors 150.000.000
Total 250.000.000


Note: The founding shareholders undertake that they will not launch their stakeholds to the public until 2020.

Road Map

TugraCoin XTG Project

For the realization of the TugraCoin project, the domain name and social media accounts will be opened, then the corporate identity work will be carried out together with the application of the trademark registration certificate and writing of White Paper, then it will be listed on the national stock exchange.

Q4 - 2018

Q1 - 2019


In order to demonstrate the applicability of the TugraCoin project, it is necessary to ensure integration with e-commerce sites in the first place and then to show its usability in social responsibility projects.

At least one national publicity meeting with TugraCoin community will be conducted and sponsorship agreement will be made.

Presentation to Official Institutions

TugraCoin, which is a national project, will be presented to official institutions and non-governmental organizations and necessary works will be carried out for public support.

Q2 - 2019

Q3 - 2019

Silk Road Countries

Necessary work will be carried out to be listed in international stock exchanges and to make use of TugraCoin as a means of a faster, safer and more efficient payment together with TugraCoin presentation studies in the countries on the Silk Road.

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